Sexy Venera big boobs and diamonds

Big Boobs Sexy Venera

Sexy Venera, indeed..........

Sexy Venera is indeed, SEXY, I mean damn, she really does make you stop what your doing and just stare into her beauty and big boobs. Venera has the same type of body style as our favorite big boobs babe, Anya Zenkova, her cup size almost identical as well. Venera’s big boobs are a 32G where as Anya’s is a 32GG. Venera is ultra slim as well, she is a big boobs mutant just like Anya. It’s really amazing how they are so slender and fine with such big boobs. Anyway, this new one from DDF has all the hallmarks of big boobs glamor, she has the fur coat, movie star makeup, and even a diamond bikini. Another noteworthy bit, is how translucent her big boobs nipples are, all you see is veins and an outline really. Expect more from this big boobs super babe, and she is a DDF exclusive, so join them for more of her exclusive juiciness.